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. >> well put. former congressman jim slatry, thanks for your insights. >> good to be with you. >> time drawing short for troops into and out of kyrgystan. refueling warplanes over afghanistan. all aircraft and personnel expected to be out of that base in kyrgystan july 11th when our government's reese expires. >>> now to obamacare and a startling revelation that president obama reportedly considered scrapping the entire health care website and starting over as late as october 17th. this according to exclusive report in "time" magazine about the botched rollout. my guest today, wow, when you see this headline, steven, it's amazing to get inside what was going on, inside the white house. obama was just going to get rid of this thing and start over, which would have meant maybe a year with no health care. >> it's unclear exactly how long it would have taken if they had scrapped. we've seen what he's done with other delays. we know that had to be on his mind. in my previous life before i was a lowly reporter, i was even a lowlier computer programmer, this is exactly what i would have done
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1